Electronic Devices

The gambling industry has had to adapt in recent years, and a change can be seen with the increased number of people who now gamble online instead of at physical casinos. What does this transition produce? Increased accessibility and more free to play whenever, however you want!

History of the Gambling

Gambling has stood the test of time and is as popular now as it was a thousand years ago when ancient Rome used games on dice. Historians have debated where gambling originated from, but most believe that Roman soldiers who were bored in between battles started betting against each other with coins tossed into sand pits to pass the down time.

Casino Terminology

All of the different terms can be intimidating at first so here is a quick list of some of the casino terms just for you:

Poker terms:

  • Ante – A small bet that is placed before the round.
  • Blind – The small and big blind represent the two levels of bets that must be made by players before a round starts.
  • Call – This is when you match another player’s bet.
  • Flush – This hand consists of five cards of the same suit.
  • Pair – This is two of the same cards of different suits.
  • Sit-out – This is when a player sits out for a while, this player will not be dealt any cards, you can only do this for a limited time.
  • Straight – Any five cards, of any suit, in order, for example – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 

Blackjack terms: 

  • Bust – This is when your hand goes over 21, known as busting.
  • Double Down – This is a play you make by doubling your bet, you are dealt only one more card. This is usually done when players have a 10 or an 11 after the deal.
  • Hit/Twist – You will be dealt another card.

 The Rise of Online Casino

Microgaming’s Gaming Club was the one of only two online casinos available in 1995, but today there are nearly 3,000 sites operating out of America alone and worth over $66 billion.

Where can I play?

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