Betting Bonuses

The online betting world can still be a daunting one for anyone looking to get into it for the first time. There are now hundreds, if not thousands of rival companies, who all offer odds on the same games and sports, with the untrained eye not being able to tell the difference between them. Free online bets and betting bonuses are great, but what if there are a long list of terms and conditions to go with them, meaning your winnings are tied up and unable to be withdrawn?

That’s where we come in. We at Best-OnlineCasinoNZ have been in the industry long enough to have learned a thing or two. In this guide to betting bonuses and free bets, we will try to give you an idea of what to look out for when signing up to a online sports betting website, so you know you’re going to be getting a good deal.

Betting Bonuses Explained

Let us start off nice and simple. What is a betting bonus? Essentially it is a fixed amount that the website will give customers for free, when they make a deposit for the first time. Often it is also known as a welcome bonus, as it is there primarily to entice players to sign up with them. So if you make a deposit of $50, the website will give you a betting bonus of $10. You won’t be able to withdraw this straight away, as it is there to be placed as a bet. It could be sensible to take this free bet and use it on something with slightly longer odds. Best case scenario is it comes in, and you’ve just earned yourself a few extra $, and worst case is it loses and you still have all of your original deposit to bet with. It really is risk free. 

Terms and Conditions

As we explained in this guide to free bets earlier, they will often come with a set of stipulations and rules that have to be honoured. Sometimes the free bet is only applicable on the first bet you’re making, whereas sometimes it is only on future betting actions. Betting websites also might not allow bonuses to be redeemed on certain sports, at certain times, and not in conjunction with any other promotion they are running at the time. There also may well be an expiry date on the free bet, meaning it will expire not long after you’ve signed up. We at Best-OnlineCasinoNZ thoroughly recommend reading these terms and conditions fully before you sign up with any new sports betting website, to make sure you’re not caught out and unable to bet how you’d like.

Loyalty Rewards

We talked about how often the free bet or betting bonuses are used as welcome offers, to tempt in new customers. While this can be great initially, sometimes customers can be forgotten about and not offered any perks or promotions further down the line. This leads them to jumping around different websites, taking advantage of all the different welcome bonuses available. Betting websites are getting wise to this, and are now offering loyalty rewards, to keep customers betting with them. These can come in forms of free bets on certain days at the end of week, if you have bet enough in the days running up to it. 

If you are still undecided about where to start, we can recommend EagleBet as a great place to start, as they have a number of great welcome bonuses. If new customers deposit a minimum of $20 and use their bonus code, they will match 50% of any bet you make, up to a value of $150. They also have another sports betting bonus, where you can gain $30 as a free bet when you enter the bonus code and place a bet of $30. Again, they come with their own terms and conditions, but we will these are some great sports betting promotions.

So there you have it, that is our introduction to free bets and betting bonuses. We hope it is helpful, and sets you well on your way to sign up to some great sports betting websites.