Cricket Ball

Cricket is a popular sport across the world with competitions taking place all year round, it is no wonder that Cricket betting is very popular. If you have not yet experience it then hopefully this feature will prepare you as much as possible so you can start enjoying the cricket with a bit of added excitement. 

History of Cricket

Reports claim that Cricket was first played in New Zealand in the 1830’s around mission stations in Northland. It soon grew in popularity with 60 cricket teams in Dunedin by the 1880’s, the New Zealand national cricket team and the New Zealand Cricket Council were put together in 1894. In 1906 the Plunket Shield was put together by the New Zealand Cricket Council to promote regular games between the provinces.  

Types of Cricket Bets

There are a lot of different betting options available for Cricket matches with eh most popular and simple being match bets, simply which team will win or will the match end a draw? Over/under bets refer to whether a team will score more or less than a number of points throughout the match, could also be over or under the total points scored between both teams. Bets are available to place on individual players, the most common of these being ‘Top batsman’ and ‘Top bowler’ which usually offer good odds for betters that know their stuff. Finally Outright betting requires the result of a tournament or series to be bet on, the odds of a team coming out on top become worse the longer it is left. 

Best Places to Bet on Cricket 

If you are looking t get into Cricket betting, but don’t know where to see what is available you can rest assure the sports betting sites we work with offer brilliant odds on Cricket tournaments. To help you decide which site is best for you we have organised the sites along with the impressive starting bonuses they offer on our home page. If you are new to online gambling, there are many more pages available to help you navigate the sites on offer including an explanation of deposit bonuses for when you start with a site. 

Upcoming Tournaments & Events 

If you are wanting to dive straight into cricket betting then now is the perfect time, right now the ICC 2021 is taking place with multiple matches each day for you to watch. New Zealand’s first ODI of 2022 will see them face Australia in late January, but there are many more international games to watch between now and then. 


Hopefully this feature has prepared you for future cricket competitions, you have the starter knowledge which can only be built on by experiencing it first-hand. The promotional offers available will also help you on your easy to hopefully making Cricket betting work for you, it will certainly help you to learn more about the betting options available.