Long Pao Pokie is a pretty famous slot game that has an attractive theme and an uncomplicated style. Many bettors and casino lovers online would be familiar with this slot game and this pokie certainly has the potential to pay big to players. The game has been developed by NetEnt, who are a famous slot game making company. Like many other pokie games, This Long Pao slot game is also available on multiple platforms and this includes PC, Android and even IOS.

The game carries an Asian theme, which portrays the Chinese culture in a perfect manner. Players are sure to enjoy this pokie game a lot and this Long Pao Game Review looks at the multiple features of this slot game and the visuals that it has. We also look at the game’s RTP and how players can win big on this game. This Long Pao review could educate players about a lot of things involving Long Pao Pokie.

How to play

The game has a lot of bright colours and multiple great visuals as well. Apart from the Chinese theme, it goes back in to the time when the Qing dynasty ruled China and players go shoulder to shoulder with the kings of that era. The game is based inside a palace and is filled to the brim with great animations as well.

The idea of the game is simple. Players need to land symbols into combinations on the reels on the game. These combinations leads to players winning rewards and these rewards are paid on the basis of two things. One is the number of symbols on the reel and the value of the symbols involved.

The Long Pao game has a total of five reels and three rows and this is actually true for many NetEnt slot games. This pokie has a total of 25 paylines, which shows how players can indeed win big on this. On unique thing about this pokie is that it has multiple specific coin denominations available, with the minimum at 0.02 and the maximum at 1.00. The RTP stands at a decent 96.96, which is pretty good for pokie games online.

The low paying symbols on this game are the J to A symbols, like they are on cards. The sword, princess, empress, prince and emperor pay some higher rewards and carry a higher value.

Bonus features

The Chinese dragon symbol is the free spins symbol on this game. Five or more of these lead to free spins, with ten being the minimum players get at the start. Players can earn up to 30 free spins and the dragons multiple wins by 3x.

The logo of the game is the wild symbol and it substitutes all the other symbols on the game apart from the scatter symbols. This just increases the number of rewards and the Long Pao Feature Bonuses are great at helping players earn a lot. This is a great option for players and they could surely rely on it to win big.