Kicking Rugby Ball

In an ideal world the Women’s Rugby World Cup was set to take place from September to October 2021, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions it has been postponed until 2022. The event will take place slightly later in the year also with the first pool matches starting in October and the final in mid-November. If you want something to keep yourself occupied until then why not check out the casino guides on site and see what else is available. 

History of the Women’s Rugby World Cup

Prior to the first International Rugby Board sanctioned Women’s rugby event in 1998 there were events held as early as 1990 of the same nature. To start New Zealand hosted the World Rugby Festival for Women in which the NZ women’s rugby team came out victorious over the United States, the Netherlands and Russia. The next year Wales hosted the unsanctioned Women’s Rugby World Cup, the next event in Scotland saw the England Women’s rugby team come out on top. In the 1998 event sanctioned by the International Rugby Board the NZ women’s rugby team came out on top after defeating the United States team in the final.  

Last Women’s Rugby World Cup Recap

The last Women’s Rugby World Cup took place in 2017, it was hosted in Dublin, the republic of Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. The competition finished in a high-scoring final between New Zealand and England in which the NZ women’s rugby team won by 41 points to 32.  

Team’s Competing in the Women’s Rugby World Cup

The NZ women’s rugby team had already qualified for the next tournament by winning in 2017, they would have qualified either way as hosts. Other teams that automatically qualify thanks to finishing top7 in 2017 are England, France, United States, Canada, Australia and Wales. Women’s Rugby teams that have also qualified so far are South Africa thanks to winning the 2019 Rugby Africa Women’s Cup and Fiji that won the Oceania play-offs. 

Women’s Rugby World Cup Favourites

Since 2002 there has only been 2 competitors for the Rugby Women’s World Cup, England and New Zealand apart from in 2014 where Canada played England in the final. It looks like a safe bet on one of New Zealand or England to reach the final however France have finished 3rd plenty of times and not seen the final, could this year be different? The bets way to place ana educated bet is to keep up with the individual teams, they will have competed in other tournaments since 2017 and perhaps had player changes that will make a difference. 

Where can I bet on the Women’s Rugby World Cup?

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Summary – H2 

Hopefully this has left you feeling prepared for the upcoming Rugby Women’s World Cup and you have more of an idea on the bets that should be placed. With any lucky the NZ women’s rugby team will win for the 6th time on home soil. If you want to see more information about betting before the world cup check out our Rugby betting tips.